ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on ML
Sunday, 18 September 2011, Tokyo, Japan (co-located with ICFP)

The ML family of programming languages includes dialects known as Standard ML, Objective Caml, and F#. These languages have inspired a large amount of computer-science research, both practical and theoretical. This workshop aims to provide a forum for discussion and research on ML and related technology (higher-order, typed, or strict languages).


Session 1 (chair: Chung-chieh Shan)
9:30 Development of SML#—making ML an ordinary practical language (invited talk)
Atsushi Ohori (Tohoku University)
10:30 Tea break
Session 2 (chair: Martin Elsman)
11:00 Adding GADTs to OCaml: the direct approach
Jacques Garrigue, Jacques Le Normand
11:30 Implementing implicit self-adjusting computation (short talk)
Yan Chen, Joshua Dunfield, Matthew A. Hammer, Umut A. Acar
11:45 A demo of Coco: a compiler of monadic coercions in ML (short talk)
Nataliya Guts, Michael Hicks, Nikhil Swamy, Daan Leijen
12:00 Efficiently scrapping boilerplate code in OCaml
Dmitri Boulytchev, Sergey Mechtaev [video]
12:30 Lunch break (3F restaurant)
Session 3 (chair: Keisuke Nakano)
14:00 Towards a software model checker for ML (invited talk)
Naoki Kobayashi (Tohoku University)
15:00 Verifying liveness properties of ML programs
M. M. Lester, R. P. Neatherway, C.-H. L. Ong, S. J. Ramsay
15:30 Tea break
Session 4 (chair: Joshua Dunfield)
16:00 MixML remixed
Andreas Rossberg, Derek Dreyer
16:30 Camomile: a Unicode library for OCaml (short talk)
Yoriyuki Yamagata
16:45 Short break without tea
17:00 Report on OCaml type debugger
Kanae Tsushima, Kenichi Asai
17:30 Lightweight typed customizable unmarshaling
Pascal Cuoq, Damien Doligez, Julien Signoles
18:00 Close

Program Committee

The ML Workshop Series

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