Proper Treatment 正當作法/ The McBride bibliography style (Chicago Manual of Style, Documentation Two)
2010-12-20 07:10

McBride is a BibTeX bibliography style that follows the Chicago Manual of Style’s “Documentation Two” specifications. McBride is named after Thomas McBride, a Chicago bicycle messenger murdered by Carnell Fitzpatrick. The latest version is dated 2007-10-18; this version makes years lowercase, so that you can set year = "In press" in your BibTeX database.

I made McBride because I was unsatisfied with chicago.bst. See below for a comparison.

What you need to use McBride:

How you can use McBride:

How I produced McBride:

Why McBride is better than chicago.bst:

A BibTeX tip, not really specific to McBride: To specify an edited collection (that is not a proceedings volume), say

  author    = "Richard Montague",
  editor    = "Richmond Thomason",
  title     = "Formal Philosophy: Selected Papers of {R}ichard {M}ontague\textup{, ed.\ {R}ichmond {T}homason}",
  booktitle = "Formal Philosophy: Selected Papers of {R}ichard {M}ontague",
  address   = "New Haven",
  publisher = "Yale University Press",
  year      = 1974

(note how the title and booktitle differ above). You can then specify parts (chapters) of the collection with

  author    = "Richard Montague",
  title     = "The Proper Treatment of Quantification in Ordinary {E}nglish",
  pages     = "247--270",
  crossref  = "thomason-formal"

This way, your bibliography will come out right regardless of whether BibTeX decides to merge multiple crossrefs or not: If BibTeX merges multiple crossrefs, then the editor will be typeset as part of the title of the Book. If BibTeX does not merge multiple crossrefs, then the editor will be typeset as the editor of the InCollection.