Proper Treatment 正當作法/ Typesetting
2010-12-20 07:10

Getting started: TeX FAQ, TeX at UPenn Linguistics, LaTeX for linguists, LaTeX for logicians, latex, Ling-TeX mailing list and resources, LaTeX online reference, LaTeX bug database.

More techniques: CJK, symbols (see also earliest uses of symbols and words in math), trees (editor), automata, Xy-pic (linguistics), PSTricks (linguistics), longtable, seminar (see especially FAQ and bugs list) and other ways to make screen presentations, The TeX Catalogue Online, CTAN Edition, References for TeX and Friends, LaTeX Tips & Tricks (also see Percé).

Bibliography: The McBride bibliography style (Chicago Manual of Style, Documentation Two), CS Bibliography Collection search, The Hypertext Bibliography Project, TeX User Group bibliography archive, Library of Congress online catalog.

PS/PDF: Ryutaroh Matsumoto, Roger Kilian-Kehr, D. P. Story, Timothy Van Zandt, Effective Scientific Electronic Publishing by Markus Kuhn.

Fonts: Apostrophic Lab, Gentium: a typeface for the nations, Identifont, free math fonts, linear logic fonts, the scourge of Arial

Haskell: lhs2TeX, abbrev.sty, haskell-style, lambdaTeX, Haskell2LaTeX.

Making figures and presenting information: Edward Tufte, The Visual Display of Quantitative Information, Envisioning Information, Visual Explanations: Quantities, Evidence and Narrative.

See also: StringCollection, ATypographicOutcry, Free e-texts on typography, TeX/LaTeX at CSLI, Chris Manning, International standard paper sizes, Commonly confused characters, Lorem ipsum (Mandarin), Unicode and multilingual support, ConTeXt, TeX showcase, the Visual Wiki on fonts and typography

(towards the end of the 20th century)