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2008-08-17 19:19

Please consider submitting a paper to this year’s International Conference on Functional Programming (ICFP) and Conference on Generative Programming and Component Engineering (GPCE). The respective deadlines are April 2 and May 12–19. Both conferences solicit experience reports in addition to regular papers. As you might expect, ICFP also solicits functional pearls—“elegant, instructive, and fun essays on functional programming”.

Less formal is a Continuation Fest that a bunch of us are organizing. If you can be in Tokyo on April 13, please consider participating! Talk proposals are due on March 31. This event is scheduled on the day before the Symposium on Functional and Logic Programming (FLOPS); you can travel from Tokyo to Ise on the morning of April 14.

Continuations are used, and constantly re-discovered, in web programming, logic, event-based concurrency, linguistics, transactional systems, optimization, program generation and verification. Programming language systems … are (re-)implementing continuations, generators, iterators and related control structures. Continuations are also being studied for their own sake.

We call for an informal gathering of people working in all these areas—language designers, users, and researchers who study or use continuations in academic or practical work or as a hobby. The goal is to exchange ideas, terminology, new results, experience reports, works in progress, open problems, and friendly feedback—as well as meet each other and strengthen the community.

We plan a combination of 7–8 broadly accessible talks and 1–2 invited talks, with plenty of breaks for socializing and informal conversations. An evening event is planned. Participants are invited to submit working notes, source files, and abstracts for distribution to the attendees, but as the workshop has no formal proceedings, contributions may still be submitted for publication elsewhere.

We solicit talk proposals, about 2 paragraphs long … The topics of interest include, but are not at all limited to:

It seems appropriate to translate “Continuation Fest” into Japanese as “継続祭”. As for Mandarin Chinese, how about “續繼節” (“续继节”)? It was 穆信成 Shin-Cheng Mu who taught me to noun a bisyllabic Chinese verb, such as “繼續” (“继续”, “continue”), by exchanging the two syllables.