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2008-08-17 19:19

中國國民黨葬 總理孫先生於此 中華民國十八年六月一日

Design and feng-shui are two manifestations of the same idea of mindful arrangement, so pervasive and intangible as to suffer neglect. Just as many architects and mathematicians overlook government and binding, many believers in design and feng-shui view each other with suspicion or ignorance.

Typography may offer a common ground. Sun Yat-sen’s grave in Nanjing says

(The Chinese Nationalist Party buries
Premier Mr. Sun here)

I am glad that people agree that the line break is bad, with a diverse range of justifications: separating the verb from the object is bad design because it degrades reading; the first line is bad feng-shui because it(s intransitive reading) foretells the downfall of the party over the next century; and so on. English poetry this is not!