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2008-08-17 19:19

Map of Pennsylvania Railroad in 1911 between New York and New BrunswickPhoto of fast bikes veering between slow cars in New York City

My commute to work begins with an exciting bike ride (in New York, NY) and ends with a calming bike ride (in New Brunswick and Piscataway, NJ). Lucas Brunelle compresses my 10-minute, 33-block excitement into 2 minutes (1:20–3:20 in this exciting 50mb video), and I don’t think it’s all due to editing. It is nice to see the potholes I know and love from daily contact immortalized on screen. Lucas documents his legendary exploits in many videos featured at the Bicycle Film Festival. I recommend all of them—the videos, I mean… well, and the couch.

Between my two bike rides is a train ride through Menlo Park, NJ (now Metropark station). We used to have an extensive rail network around here, but it is because there are fewer stations today that the duration of my commute is thankfully bearable.