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2008-08-17 19:19

Surprisingly, I couldn’t find support on the Web for the Takahashi method of slide presentations in the Beamer class. So, I wrote it. This LaTeX package provides a single command \takahashi, documented at the beginning of the file. Some usage examples appear at the end of the file.

Update: To demonstrate, this source file produces this PDF output. For further testing, that source file produces that PDF output.

網上竟然找不到用 Beamer 格式製作高橋流簡報的方法,所以我就自己寫了。本 LaTeX 套件只提供一個命令 \takahashi。用法請見檔頭;用例請見檔尾。

追加:為示範起見,這個原始檔造成這樣的 PDF 輸出。更進一步測試,那個原始檔造成那樣的 PDF 輸出