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2010-12-30 05:55

You are responsible for not hitting whatever is in front of you, unless it is crossing against the light, unless it is stopped.

If you just passed a bicyclist, pedestrian, or slow moving vehicle, your personal green light lengthens by 3 seconds (5 seconds if you honked). If you are following a bicyclist, pedestrian, or slow moving vehicle, your personal green light lengthens indefinitely.

Nothing that is stopped can have right of way.

During a walk light, if a vehicle occupies the crosswalk wholly or partially, then the crosswalk dynamically extends to encompass all points whose shortest distance to the vehicle is less than the original width of the crosswalk. In extreme situations such as rush-“hour” Lincoln Tunnel traffic, this rule can cause originally disconnected crosswalks to touch, making it possible to cross a street or avenue diagonally.


You may travel against the light while someone adjacent does. (This rule is coinductive.)

One-way signs dictate the logical direction of vehicular travel, which is mapped to the physical direction of vehicular travel by an ensemble of nondeterministic transformations. In particular, reverse gear allows backing up to the previous intersection.

If a traffic light malfunctions so as to provide no unique indication, use the following combination chart to disambiguate.


Walk on the right. Especially around building corners.

Walk on the left; stand on the right.

Keep walking.

Whether as victim or perpetrator, a mobile object that is not a motor vehicle and that is not presently touching any motor vehicle is invisible to law enforcement. Even though we like to pretend otherwise.